The art and craft of writing clearly, precisely and economically.  The course presents the key elements of good writing, from accurate grammar and syntax to avoiding stuffy, bureaucratic language and clichés.  Peter will show how to write strong, clear sentences and how to construct effective paragraphs.  He demonstrates the difference between good and bad writing and provides writers with the vital skill of analysing their own writing – the prerequisite to putting it right.  The course will help those whose grasp of writing skills may be shaky, as well as those already writing at an accomplished level and who wish to improve their techniques.   The course is suited to all forms of writing: reporting, journalism and copy-writing, as well as corporate writing for both internal and external purposes.

This course can be conducted either as a group session – or as a series of intensive one-on-ones, where delegates benefit from focussed guidance tailored to their needs and aims.  These achieve outstanding results when combined with follow-up sessions at a suitable interval later.