Peter Gillman offers a brilliant range of courses across the full spectrum of writing and journalism. Click the links below to find the right course for you.

News Writing

Learn the core principles of the vital skill of news writing – from crafting great first sentences to telling readers what matters most and why. Find out more

Feature Writing

The art of feature writing, and how to grab the reader’s attention and carry them through to the end.  Peter guides reporters taking their first steps in feature writing – and sets out the key techniques for those seeking to progress to the long-form narrative. Find out more

English for Writers

How to reach your audience by writing clear, strong English. Find out more


A course for editors and subeditors. How to reconstruct a poorly written article and make it compelling and readable. Find out more

Investigative Journalism

The most challenging and rewarding field of journalism. How to discover and reveal inconvenient truths – and speak truth to power. Find out more


The one-on-one encounter. Learn the techniques for finding our what your interviewee really thinks. Find out more


How to make copy readable, accurate, consistent, and lively. Find out more

Other Courses

The six listed courses cover the main techniques of journalism.  These can be combined or extended according to your needs.  The format can be adapted too, from group workshops to one-to-one sessions.  Peter covers all writing territories, from journalism to corporate communications.  He has conducted courses for writing professionals in industries ranging from property and insurance to legal and medical.   Please feel free to contact him to discuss your requirements.  You will find him flexible, versatile and sensitive to your needs.